Fancy Fillings - Epping Shopping Centre Melbourne AA1261

Asking Price: $138,000 + Stock
Weekly Sales: $10,000

Lease Details:

  • Commenced:  10 Jan 2009
  • Terms :  6 Years Lease
  • Rent: $1,660 per week
  • Size: Approx 40 sqm
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Business Details:
  • Fancy Fillings is Australia's leading gourmet sandwich and hot food bar.
  • Stores all over Australia.
  • Making sandwiches a work of art.
  • Gourmet sandwiches and other foods ... that you want ... how you want it.
  • Wraps and rolls, salads, juices, smoothies
  • Delicious hot foods; wedges, roasts and vegetables.
  • For over twenty years Fancy Fillings have been preparing the food our customers want using our system and methods to ensure the food is fresh and delicious ... and you get what you want.

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