Cafe Coffee St Kilda Road (UR2010) Walk in - Walk Out Sale


Asking Price: $35,000
Weekly Sales: $5,000

Lease Details:

  • Lease 4 Years- Start Nov 2015.
  • Plus 2 X 4 Year options.
  • Expiring 19/11/2027
  • Current Rent $3,182.+ GST + outgoings per month
  • Shop Size = 80 Sq Metres
  • Annual 3% increase
  • 2 Parking spaces
Listing Photo
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Business Details:
  • Clean, Fresh interior décor
  • Set up perfectly to take over immediately.
  • Perfect location to cater for large apartment residents and offices in the area
  • Welcome to the Cafe on St Kilda Road, St Kilda
    Perfect for having avoiding the peak hour traffic and enjoying breakfast freshly made for you.
  • Plenty parking at the front or side/rear will definitely allow you to comfortably venture in and enjoy your sitting.
  • With plenty of public transport around also to get you there. Stepping in, you are met with a modern vibe from the decor, to the cafe machine it all subsequently fits in with one another.
  • The vast variety of food to choose from such as coffee, cake, fresh fruit, muffins or muesli bars perfect for a healthy breakfast. Barista cappuccino or long black coffee to your taste prepared expertly by the friendly team.

Contact Broker: Umesh Ratanje on Mob 0409 11 00 68 to request a business profile.

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Contact Broker: Umesh Ratanje on Mob 0409 110 068 or via e-mail click here to request a business profile.

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