Freight & Container Transport - (Mon - Fri) Port Melbourne NC1617

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Asking Price: $99,000 (Truck & Work only)
Weekly Sales: Approx $3,000 per week

Lease Details:

  • No Storage or Rental costs
  • You will only be responsible for the truck
  • Trailers are owned by the company you are transporting for - to and from locations as per job sheets.
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Business Details:
  • Sleeper Cab
  • Luxury Truck / Automatic with all options possible
  • 18spd Automatic - just rebuilt
  • Fuel Saving devices fitted - very economical
  • Engine inspected by Cummins in perfect working order

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Contact Broker: Nick Camov on Mob 0439 47 27 47 or via e-mail click here to request a business profile.

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